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How can we help you?

We can help you as business builder and online marketeer. You are constantly alert on the ranking of your webpages “am I using the right keywords?”, optimizing the pages and tekst adding the rich snippets and having enough backlinks. In the end, your domain and subject have authority and are keyword optimized.

But world is moving on and so is Google. The focus shifts from keyword to long tail search where the context of the question asked is important. How do you optimize for longtail and voice seach engine optimization?

With AI-driven semantic search are you making the next step in optimizing for long tail and voice search questions. AI-driven semantic search offers you the possibility to add context your content pages and makes this visible in the search engines.

You will optimize your long tail and voice search within your domain and subject which increase the organic traffic to your website and get more qualified leads to your website. AI- driven semantic search is an essential part of your SEO and content marketing.

To enable AI-drive semantic search can be done in five simple steps.

Step one: import all your data
Identify all the explicit and implicit knowledge and information on your website, social media, blogs, reviews, movies, etc.

Step two: adding context from external sources
Feed the information into the Workbench. The AI will help you to get the information in the right form in the database. The information in the database will be transformed to a format that is readable by the search engines.

Step three: representation of knowledge
For every website page you will decide which information will be shown. The Workbench will make sure the information presented is consistent.\

Step four: Link with your webpage
Every time a page is served, the Datamachine API will dynamically insert the information into the webpage. So every change will be instantaneously visible.

Step five: feedback
We optimize the workbench with your feedback.